Master Bathroom Update

Back when I first made plans for the master bathroom it included painting half the wall black and that’s exactly what I did. I had a can of black paint leftover from a myriad of projects so I used that and got the walls done in one afternoon. Because textured walls were invented by satan, even though I taped everything, the paint still bled through which meant I had to go through and touch up the edges with white. Besides that, I’m happy with the way it turned out and like how it gives our bathroom a more modern feel.

IMG_0612IMG_0611Master Bathroom Half Painted Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog  (1 of 4)Master Bathroom Half Painted Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog  (2 of 4)

We can now scratch one thing off the list of things to do in the bathroom. Here’s what’s left:

  • Paint the cabinets white
  • Update counters
  • Update faucets
  • Frame the mirror
  • Update shower and install tile from floor to ceiling
  • Replace flooring
  • Find curtains for the window
  • Paint the wall half way up (I’m thinking black)

Backyard Update

Last week I gave you an update on the front yard so now it’s time to show you the back once again. It’s pretty crazy the changes that have happened back here just since February, most of it having to do with things actually blooming and looking alive but I can’t even begin to count how many things I’ve torn out. You can see for yourself in these pictures. I included the first pictures I took of the back when we moved in in October.

Backyard Update _May1

Here’s the other side of the deck:

Backyard Update_May2

Here is the west side of the house:

Backyard Update_May3_edited-1

I’m feeling really good about whats happening back here. There is so much still to be done but a lot of that may have to wait until next summer when we have more in our yard budget. There’s a good chance that next year we will just completely start over on the grass because there are so. many. weeds.

The next step is the garden which will be on the other side of the yard. We are renting a rototiller this weekend so that will definitely get things started!

At Last I’ve Seen the Light!

We have lived without a light over our dining room table for about 4 months now. All that has been there is the electrical wiring sticking out of the ceiling. Attractive, I know, but I didn’t want to spend money on just any old pendant; I wanted it to be something fun and unique that I could stare at with love and affection on my spare time.

I finally found the one I’ve been looking for at World Market! It was marked down 50% and I had a coupon so I got it for 34.99. Not too shabby. I liked this shade because it helps bring balance to many modern/ brand new furniture and decor in the house with it’s somewhat rustic outside.


Our table is not placed directly under the light socket so we needed to add a hook to move it over. The hook was originally gold but I painted it with ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) spray paint so it matched the other fixtures and hardware in the house.

Then my hunk of a husband put his handiness to work and installed the light. IMG_1669


Ta-da! It’s finally up! No more squinting to see our food at dinner! IMG_1687


My favorite thing about this shade is the blue color underneath.

IMG_1698Now he is rewarded for his hard work with getting to play his PS4. I think that’s fair.

House Plans: The Office

Office Inspiration

Today is the final installment of the House Plans series and it’s filled with wondrous plans of organization and shelving up the wazoo. The office is definitely on the top of the priority list because I store a lot of supplies in there that are desperately calling out to be neatly placed on shelves. Here’s what I’m thinking:

office plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Install 2-3 levels of corner shelving like this.
  • New light fixture.
  • Hang the chalkboard on the wall to free up desk space.

office plans2. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Find new curtains- Probably something white to keep the room bright for photos.
  • Add more shelving to the wall
  • Organize the desk space. Hopefully everything on it will be organized on shelves so it’s clear for working on projects.

There you have it people! That’s all my plans for the house (except the future baby room but I’ll spare you my craziness). Be on the lookout for updates and things getting crossed off those lists!


House Plans: The Bedroom

Bedroom Inspiration_edited-2Today’s installment of House Plans is our bedroom! I love walking into this room (when there isn’t an explosion of clothes) because it’s so bright and relaxing. The white walls, warm wood texture, and lack of furniture are what make that happen. However there are a few things that still need to be done to make this room complete.

bedroom plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Repaint or eventually replace light fixture with something a little more unique
  • Buy a bed frame and build a head board for it
  • Hang plants in the far corner
  • Hem curtains
  • Hang a gallery wall above the dresser
  • Install wood flooring and find a big area rug
  • Install crown molding

The gallery wall is being put together right now and a post about it will follow so stay tuned!

House Plans: The Bathrooms

Bathroom Inspiration 1
Wednesday I started the House Plans series where I am breaking down the rooms in my house and sharing the plans I have for them. Today is all about the bathrooms. My husband would not argue with me when I say these are his favorite rooms in the entire house.

Many of the things we have planned will not be for way down the road because 1) they are expensive and 2) They are not desperately needed. However they will help whenever we decide to sell the house. 
bathroom plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogFor the (gargantuan) guest bath:

  • Paint the outdated wood cabinets and add hardware
  • Replace countertops with something white
  • Update faucets
  • Frame the mirrors to give them more dimension and add color the wall
  • Replace the tub and shower and subway tile the walls in the shower
  • Replace flooring

bathroom plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog1

bathroom plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog3For the (not so gargantuan) master bath:

  • Paint the cabinets white
  • Update counters
  • Update faucets
  • Frame the mirror
  • Update shower and install tile from floor to ceiling
  • Replace flooring
  • Find curtains for the window
  • Paint the wall half way up (I’m thinking black)

bathroom plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog5The little things like painting walls and cabinets will hopefully happen soon but it will definitely be awhile before those bigger jobs get crossed off the list.

House Plans: The Kitchen and Living Room

I mentioned in my full home tour that I would go more in depth as to the plans we have for specific areas in our house. Today is all about the kitchen and living room. Kitchen and living room plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog I love my kitchen. A lot. I have so many cabinets that I don’t know what to do with myself. Most of the things we have planned for this area are way down the road kind of stuff but since we have a plan now, we can start saving for the big things. Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Paint the cabinets (probably white) and add some sort of oil-rubbed bronze hardware to give them more dimension.
  • Update the stove and refrigerator.
  • Replace countertops with something kind of like this or this
  • Install wood flooring that extends through the whole house

Kitchen and living room plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Hang a pendant over the sink like this.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Replace sink with one like this and the faucet with one like this.
  • Possibly add a tile backsplash?

Kitchen and living room plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog The living room /dining area is the place in the house that looks the most “done” but I already have plans to totally change things around in here as far as decor. There aren’t many expensive or drastic changes we want to make but a few things like:

  • Install wood flooring throughout the house.
  • Hang light fixture over the dining room table. I’m on the hunt for something less generic and more unique and antique-y.
  • Install crown molding.

I can’t wait to start crossing these things off the list!