House Plans: The Office

Office Inspiration

Today is the final installment of the House Plans series and it’s filled with wondrous plans of organization and shelving up the wazoo. The office is definitely on the top of the priority list because I store a lot of supplies in there that are desperately calling out to be neatly placed on shelves. Here’s what I’m thinking:

office plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Install 2-3 levels of corner shelving like this.
  • New light fixture.
  • Hang the chalkboard on the wall to free up desk space.

office plans2. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Find new curtains- Probably something white to keep the room bright for photos.
  • Add more shelving to the wall
  • Organize the desk space. Hopefully everything on it will be organized on shelves so it’s clear for working on projects.

There you have it people! That’s all my plans for the house (except the future baby room but I’ll spare you my craziness). Be on the lookout for updates and things getting crossed off those lists!


House Plans: The Bedroom

Bedroom Inspiration_edited-2Today’s installment of House Plans is our bedroom! I love walking into this room (when there isn’t an explosion of clothes) because it’s so bright and relaxing. The white walls, warm wood texture, and lack of furniture are what make that happen. However there are a few things that still need to be done to make this room complete.

bedroom plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Repaint or eventually replace light fixture with something a little more unique
  • Buy a bed frame and build a head board for it
  • Hang plants in the far corner
  • Hem curtains
  • Hang a gallery wall above the dresser
  • Install wood flooring and find a big area rug
  • Install crown molding

The gallery wall is being put together right now and a post about it will follow so stay tuned!

The Full Home Tour

The day is here for a full home tour post. I have been very hesitant to do this because my house is absolutely no where near being done, or even close to that point. However, I knew that I should do it so that you can come along with me in this journey into making it what I dream it to look like in my head. So just so it’s clear everyone, my house is still a major work-in-progress! 

A couple of the rooms, like the kitchen/living room, bathrooms, office, and bedroom, I will go way more in depth as to the plans we have for them in another post so be on the lookout for that.
IMG_0591The thing I love most about our house is the very open floor plan. The kitchen, living room, and entryway are all in one big space. This is very ideal for us because we love having people over and kids are here constantly so the space to run and play is a must (Can anyone spy Jett’s noggin in the picture above?)

This was the first area we tackled as soon as we moved in. Once the walls were painted we made a trip to IKEA and got curtains, pillows, shelves, an entertainment center, and frames to put wedding photos in. Being the planner I am, I had already been buying and making stuff for our new home before we were married and when he lived in an apartment by himself.








The guest bathroom….it’s ginormous. You could probably consider it a 4th bedroom that’s how big it is. IMG_0527


IMG_0530The office is one of the next rooms on my to-do list. I have many plans for this room that include lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of organization. Lots, people!

IMG_0557 This is the playroom/ future nursery. Is it bad that I’m already planning 2 years in advance how I want to decorate in here for when we have a baby? That’s probably a bit much…


My plan is to keep our bedroom nice and simple with not too much furniture or color. I want this room to stay clean and bright but without being too stimulating to the eyes. I have plans for a gallery wall on the west side of the room and someday we’ll get a bed frame.


And finally the master bathroom! IMG_0609


Like I said, many of these rooms I will go more in depth with our plans with inspiration boards and everything! I know you are as excited as I am!