DIY: Half Painted Door

Half Painted Door. Playroom. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (3 of 7)Wow, its been a long time since I’ve posted a DIY project so I’m excited to share this one with you guys! I saw this idea on A Beautiful Mess and thought it would be a bold and easy statement to add to the play room.
I first taped off the area I wanted painted and enlisted one of the children I babysit to wipe the door down, as you can see. I swear she wanted to help.
Half Painted Door. Playroom. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (1 of 7)

With some extra paint I had on hand I painted two coats of mint green to the door and then it was done!
Half Painted Door. Playroom. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (3 of 7) Half Painted Door. Playroom. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (6 of 7) Half Painted Door. Playroom. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (5 of 7)2Half Painted Door. Playroom. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (1 of 1)

I’m In The Mood….For Rearranging

I have been in a mood lately.  A rearranging mood. This can be a dangerous mood to be in when you have to live with someone else or when you have other things you should be doing (like working out). However, this mood also helps you get organized, keep things fresh, and gives you a project to do.
I decided to change things up in the living room. Since getting the piano, I was feeling like there was just way to much furniture in the living area. Between the couch, dining room table, piano, entertainment center, and two bookcases, it was getting a bit cluttered. So the bookcases have found a new home in the office. Because of this, the office is on it’s way to becoming more organized which means it’s closer to being complete! Win-win! I know, I say that a lot. I just like to be efficient.
Anyhoo…To fill up the giant wall behind the TV without causing more clutter I decided to put together a gallery wall! I am SO happy with the results and every time I walk into the room, I smile a little bit. I know, I’m weird.

I thought I would give you step by step guide of how to put one together without putting a bunch of nail holes in your wall.

At christmas time I bought a huge roll of brown kraft wrapping paper from Amazon that I used for wrapping presents but have discovered many other ways to use it. One of these uses is planning out a gallery wall.

IMG_2659Once you have most of your frames collected, trace each one on to the paper and then cut it out. Line it up on the back of the matching frame.
IMG_2664 IMG_2666With your finger, find where the frame will be hanging from the nail. Whether that be a sawtooth hanger, a hook, or a lip in the frame. Then with a sharpie, mark that spot.
IMG_2669Now is the fun part, arranging them all on the wall. By doing the paper step, you are able to move things around to find the best balance of frame sizes and make sure they are perfectly straight before putting nails into the wall. There’s not really a formula to frame arranging, it’s just about finding a balance between the size of your wall and the assortment of frames you have. IMG_2678When you have the perfect arrangement and everything is straight, its time to put the nails in. The nice part is you know right where to put them because you already marked it on the paper! Once you have the nail in, just rip the paper off (the nail will stay in place) and hang your frame!

Here it is complete:



Living Room Gallery wall 2

The blue painting on the left my sister Lindee did for me. She’s pretty darn amazing.

I also did some rearranging of the shelves on our entertainment center.

Living Room Gallery Wall

IMG_3344Guess who made this adorable cake topper for our wedding? Lindee. I really just use her for her artistic ability. It just so happens she’s also my sister.

And now my rearranging mood is satisfied.

Painting a Filing Cabinet

I’ve been on a roll with organizing the office lately and a big part of that was getting a file cabinet. We had so many papers that needed a home and a filing cabinet was just what I needed so off I went to Goodwill! I quickly found one for only $8.99. It’s the place to go, man.

painting a filing cabinet_She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogI picked up a can of metal primer (Rust-Oleum’s Clean Metal Primer) and sprayed on a couple coats after a light sanding.


IMG_2723We had a can of paint that we bought a long time ago for some dining room chairs but it was SO not the right color. I finally was able to break it out after 8 months and use it! Here’s the final result:

IMG_2737It’s not quite as neon in real life as it is in the picture, I promise. I’m very happy with how the office is coming along; more updates to come!


We Got A Piano!

There is now a piano in our living room. We’ve been wanting one for a long time and James’ parents had one they were willing to give to us. I was worried at first because I thought it would look too cluttered in the living room with all of our other furniture but I actually am totally loving it. I love that when James gets home from work he just sits down and messes around on it while I cook dinner.

I am mostly excited because this means I have a whole new area to decorate! The possibilities are endless. I decided I want to do something a little bit more bold on the wall to break up all the grey that covers the rest of the kitchen and living room and I’ve been itching to try and step out of my comfort zone with decorating and this is my chance.

piano wall ideas

  • I want to do some sort of accent wall on the wall the piano is on. Below are some ideas as to what that could be.
  • I have a big mirror that was on the wall originally that I may put back up again. We’ll see how I feel once the wall is done. I’m also thinking of building some honeycomb shelves as a possibility as well.
  • Possible shelving on the wall to the right? I’ll wait on that too in case it makes things feel to congested and busy.
  • Since James won’t let me paint the piano (lame-o) I’ll add some color to it by sewing some pillows together using scarfs or a cute fabric I find and putting them on the bench.

Here’s an inspiration board I put together of different accent walls I like as well as shelving and pillow ideas.


Piano wall-accent wall-inspiration


I’m no where near the point of making a decision on what I want to do. Which accent wall is your favorite?

How To: Hem Curtains without sewing

Hem curtains header_edited-1
For 6 months I’ve looked at my curtains in disgust because of how long they were. I’ve watched them get stepped on by children and get tangled up in chairs but this weekend I have decided enough is enough, they MUST be hemmed. One of my biggest goals for this year is learning how to sew but since I don’t how to do that yet I have to find ways to cheat a little. That is when I discovered the magic that is Heat n Bond Hem Tape.


-Heat n Bond tape (be sure to get the “super” or “extra strong” kinds)
-Ironing board


1. Cut your curtain to the desired length leaving 1 in. for folding over.

2. Lay your tape down an inch from the bottom. (Different brands of hem tape may have different heat instructions or ways to lay the tape so be sure read the box)

hem curtians instructions

3. Fold the bottom inch of fabric over the tape, nice and even. (Be sure you are taping the back of your curtain so the front stays nice and clean looking.)

4. With your iron on medium heat, hold on fabric for 3 seconds and repeat until the entire width of the curtain is bonded.

5. Turn the curtain right side up and iron fabric for an additional 3 seconds.
hem instructions2

Hem Curtains Before and After

So much better, right?! I think so.

DIY: Fabric Strip Garland

IMG_0187Ever since my wedding, I have been obsessed with fabric and all the different ways it can be used for decoration purposes. A few weeks ago, I made this garland for a church function and I thought I would share it with you because its a simple way to add lots of color to any occasion. Here’s what you need:

Fabric Strip Garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog. 2In the photo above my fabric is pre-cut and that’s because when I had to get this project done for church I was doing it at 9:00 pm therefore the lighting for photos was not great. So I don’t have a photo of my 8 yards of fabric before it was cut. (I was making a backdrop for two 8ft. tables and one 6ft. That’s why I needed 8 yards. You can adjust the amount of fabric however you need to.) The photos below show you how to cut the strips but just picture it on a larger amount of fabric.

Fabric Strip Garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog.3If you are using, say 1 yard of fabric, make these 1/2 in. snips all the way down the length of sheet with approximately 1 inch in between each one. If you want your strips thinner or thicker than 1 inch then adjust accordingly.

Fabric Strip Garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog 4

Fabric Strip Garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog. 5

Fabric Strip Garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog. 6

Fabric Strip Garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog. 7

fabric strip garland. DIY. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog_edited-1