Best of 2016 + A Big Thank You

Another year is coming to an end and it has by far been my favorite year of shoots. I’ve seen families grow and lives come together but mostly I witnessed pure, simple, unadulterated, joy.
After years of trying to figure out what my “style” was, I feel like I am finally at the place where I can truly make my clients happy while stretching myself creatively. I can’t tell you how good that feels!! I have fallen in love with this medium all over again this year. I’m excited to see where this new season will take me personally in my creative journey and with She Loves Happy as a business.
Thank you to all my amazing clients, who many feel like family, and thank you to everyone who supports me and my work. You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

| FAMILIES | ffdsrediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-30BabyEvelyn (67 of 69)stutzman-family-pictures-blog-24lop16-16feakins2-family-photographer-kid-photographer-eugene-family-photographer-she-loves-happy-photographyevelynt-family-photography-kids-photography-eugene-photographer-2baby-jude-33howell-family-eugene-family-photographer-family-pictures-oregon-family-photographer_-84BabyEvelyn (49 of 69)howell-family-eugene-family-photographer-family-pictures-oregon-family-photographer_-83baby-jude-11feakinfamsep-63rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-16bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-24Wiley1year (23 of 24)stutzman-family-pictures-blog-14FeakinFamily_Final (1 of 113)howell-family-eugene-family-photographer-family-pictures-oregon-family-photographer_-82stutzman-family-pictures-blog-19evelynt-family-photography-kids-photography-eugene-photographer_bevins-family-photographer-kid-photographer-eugene-family-photographer-she-loves-happy-photographyfeakinfamsepblog-31BabyEvelyn (35 of 69)BabyEvelyn (24 of 69)feakins-family-photographer-kid-photographer-eugene-family-photographer-she-loves-happy-photography

| COUPLES + WEDDINGS | s+jwed (704 of 754)rashelledavidblog-25S+JWedBlog2s+jwed (620 of 754)rashelledavidblog-87rashelledavidblog-103s+jwed (603 of 754)rashelledavidblog-108rashelledavidblog-102rdblog5Lindee+Alex Engagement  (76 of 123)rdblog7S+JWedBlog8Lindee+Alex Engagement  (36 of 123)s+jwed (506 of 754)Lindee+Alex Engagement  (100 of 123)s+jwed (436 of 754)s+jwed (150 of 754)R+Dengage_f (120 of 151)s+jwed (72 of 754)R+Dengage_f (50 of 151)



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