The Rediger Family

A few weeks ago I got to spend time with this sweet family. I always love it when clients have a location in mind for pictures because usually it’s somewhere that is special to them. The Redigers wanted to do their shoot at their families ranch out by the hills. Oh my word, it was gorgeous and so perfectly them.
The boys loved running down the hill, throwing rocks in the creek, and climbing the fences. Everything you would imagine little boys loving to do. I had so much fun following them around! rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-2rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-3rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-4rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-5rediger-blogrediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-6rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-7rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-8rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-9rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-10rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-11rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-12rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-13rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-14rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-15rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-16rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-17rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-18rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-19rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-20rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-21
rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-27rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-28rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-30rediger-family-blog-family-pictures_-31They got hot from all that running around so of course the shirts went off. I will never pretend to understand boys.

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