The Stutzman Family

It is family shoot season! My favorite time of the year! The leaves are falling, the air gets crisp, and everyone is gearing up for the holidays.
This family was a fun one to hang out with. The two little cousins are four months apart and their soon-to-be siblings will only be a month apart from each other! So much fun! You can see why grandma and grandpa have such big smiles on their faces.stutzman-family-pictures-blog-25stutzman-family-pictures-blog-2stutzman-family-pictures_-82stutzman-family-pictures-blog-4stutzman-family-pictures-blog-5stutzman-family-pictures-blog-6stutzman-family-pictures-blog-7stutzman-family-pictures-blog-8stutzman-family-pictures-blog-9stutzman-family-pictures-blog-10stutzman-family-pictures-blog-11stutzman-family-pictures-blog-12stutzman-family-pictures-blog-13stutzman-family-pictures-blog-14stutzman-family-pictures-blog-15stutzman-family-pictures-blog-16stutzman-family-pictures-blog-17stutzman-family-pictures-blog-18stutzman-family-pictures-blog-19stutzman-family-pictures-blog-21stutzman-family-pictures-blog-22stutzman-family-pictures-blog-23stutzman-family-pictures-blogstutzman-family-pictures-blog-24

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