The Bevins Family | 2016

This family holds a very special place in my heart. You might recognize Jett, the youngest one of the bunch, from some old posts on the blog. He and I have been pals since he was two years old and his mom asked if I would want to babysit him for the summer. Well that turned into my job for the next three years. I also babysat his older brothers when they were tiny but as you can see that was a loooong time ago.
Long story short; they’ve been a huge part of my life, I love them, and here is their family shoot from a couple weeks ago! (Click here to see their last family shoot) bevinsfamily-family-pictures_ bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-2 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-3 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-4 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-5 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-6 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-7 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-8 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-10 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-11 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-12 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-13 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-14 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-15 bevins-family-shoot-eugene-family-photographer-2 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-17 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-19 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-20 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-22 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-21 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-23 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-24 bevins-family-shoot-eugene-family-photographer1 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-30 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-29 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-28 bevins-family-shoot-eugene-family-photographer-3 bevinsfamily-family-pictures_-25


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