Baby Jude

The house is quiet except for the faint sound of piano music coming from the tv and the chatter from big brother telling me all about his first days in kindergarten. It’s warm and cozy, ready for the naps to be had by everyone later. The love this family has for their new baby, Jude, only added to that warmth. He was wide awake pretty much the whole just taking in everything around him. Oh man, and the way big brother, Asher, held him and looked at him had us all grinning ear to ear.
baby-jude-86baby-jude-2 baby-jude-9 baby-jude-11 baby-jude-14 baby-jude-15 baby-jude-20 baby-jude-22 baby-jude-25 baby-jude-27 baby-jude-30 baby-jude-33baby-jude-32 baby-jude-35baby-jude-42 baby-jude-43 baby-jude-51baby-jude-68 baby-jude-70 baby-jude-78

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