Everyone Else Is Doing It, I Think I Should Too

IMG_2311-2I know that doing what everyone else is doing is not usually the best way to live your life but in this case I feel like it’s actually going to be helpful. I’ve never really been one to set “new year’s resolutions” or make a list of goals to accomplish in the year but I feel like that part of me is changing. I’m reading all these posts from my favorite blogs and creative people about their goals for 2015 and its making me see the value in setting these kinds of goals for myself.
I’m a believer that there is always room to grow in almost all aspects of your life and that you should never stop trying to be a better version of yourself. For that reason I feel like it’s kind of weird that I’ve never been much of a goal setter.

For my husband and I, this coming year is one filled with a lot of unknowns and maybes and it-could-happens which is why I think that setting goals for myself is exactly what I need to give this year some real purpose and anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, the unknown and having a bunch of different scenarios of where your life could go is exciting but it’s also pretty dang scary so some controllable aspects are nice to have.

My 2015 Goals. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog31| DO MY BODY SOME GOOD

I know that this is the cliche new years resolution but seriously, it needs to be done. I’ve started the exercise portion of this and I already feel like a new woman. I have more energy, I go to sleep better, and the fact that I’ve actually been consistent makes me extremely proud of myself (I am the worst self-motivator). In case you are wondering (you’re probably not), my exercise of choice is Zumba. I have all the DVD’s so I am able to do it from home. It’s the only workout I’ve found that I actually enjoy because to me, it doesn’t feel like a workout.
James and I have a big trip coming up this May so my goal is to be in shape by then. When I say “in shape” I mean be able to wear a swimsuit without a tank top and shorts over it and not worry about extra baggage hanging over the sides of the suitcase if you know what I mean (I’m talking about my love handles). I don’t need rock hard abs or legs sculpted by Jillian Michaels herself, I just want to feel confident and care free while I’m spending a luxurious two weeks with my husband on the Mediterranean Sea.

My 2015 Goals. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog22| PUT MORE EFFORT INTO ME 

This goes hand in hand with my first goal but more along the side of putting more effort into how I dress and present myself. I know this may seem materialistic but when I am wearing a cute outfit and put more effort into my hair and makeup, I just feel better, it’s as simple as that. I’ve never actually learned how to properly put on eyeshadow or really looked into learning different ways to style my hair but that is going to change.
I want to work on making the items in my closet items I truly love. I plan on thrift shopping more and finding pieces that are unique and special to me.

My 2015 Goals. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog13| BE DEBT FREE AND GET TO BABY STEP FOUR (FPU)

Last year James and I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course and it really has helped us get control of our money and have a plan for our future. If you are at all familiar with his stuff you know that he has 7 baby steps to becoming financially secure and build wealth. We are currently working on baby step 3 which is getting rid of debt.
Our goal this year is to pass that step and hopefully complete baby step 4 which is establishing an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses.

My 2015 Goals. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog54| EXPLORE MORE CREATIVE AREAS

I’ve really been feeling brave lately in the creative department. For the longest time I only stuck to what I was comfortable with which was photography and planning stuff. Anytime I needed something painted, cut out (I blame it on being left handed), or handwritten, I delegated it to my mom or my sisters because they are great at those things.
However, this past month I’ve really stretched myself to work on those weak areas of mine and I’m quickly learning that practice really does make perfect improvement.
I want to challenge myself more in sewing, painting, and drawing and just see where it takes me.

My 2015 Goals. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog45| GO DEEPER WITH GOD

The fact that this year is going to be new territory for James and I is all the more reason I need to make sure my relationship with God is deeper and more intimate than it ever has been before. I have to be able to trust him completely in all things and in every circumstance and trial.
There will be a lot of big decisions to make and the last thing I want is to make those choices out of my own desire and thinking and not what God has planned for our life. I walk in peace over the fact that I know that His plan will always be better than mine.

The purpose of writing these goals and sharing them on here is simply to give myself a place to look and see my progress and to give myself accountability to reach these goals.

I’m so excited for what this year is going to unfold. It’s going to be life-changing.


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3 thoughts on “Everyone Else Is Doing It, I Think I Should Too

  1. Jasmine says:

    These are some great goals! I completely understand about the putting more effort in, I made the same one for myself last year and that is when I found Kathleen lights on YouTube. You should go and check her out she makes putting on make up a fun and easy task instead of a daunting one haha 🙂 all the best for the new year x

  2. Andrea says:

    These are such good goals! I think you have a great mix of inward focus and outward focus. I have some big things that I’d like to tackle this year as well and I really need to write them out and come up with a plan for how to tackle them. I know that writing them down is so helpful and motivating for me.

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