Favorite Posts From This Year

At this point last year, I was stuck at home with a husband in a neck brace about to pull my hair out because I hadn’t left my house in a week. I was the epitome of going stir crazy. That’s when this whole idea of a blog started. I was craving a creative outlet; something that challenged me and kept me on my toes.
With it being Christmas break again, the memories come flooding back of my afternoons wallowing on the living room floor (yes, I literally rolled around on the floor out of boredom) trying to think of something to do and yearning for a sense of accomplishment. A year later as I look back through this journey to my very first post, that is exactly what I feel; accomplished.

I went through and compiled a list of ten of my favorite blog posts from this year. Each picture has a link to that post so you can go back and take a look for yourself.

Favorite Posts of 2014_5

Favorite Finds of 2014_2

Favorite Posts of 2014_8

Favorite Posts of 2014_4




Favorite Posts of 2014_3


Favorite Posts of 2014 Favorite Posts of 2014_6 Favorite Posts of 2014_7 FAVORITE POSTS OF 2014_10


Which post was your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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