Reed + Joel

This shoot has been, by far, my favorite to shoot and edit. When you put two hilarious little boys out in their element, you are just asking for an absurd amount of fun. As I was editing, I would catch myself laughing out loud about every five pictures. This is why I work with kids; they love to be weird and aren’t afraid to show it. IMG_5967 IMG_5950 IMG_5928 reed+joel. She Loves Happy Photography3 reed+joel. She Loves Happy Photography2 IMG_6034 IMG_6061 reed+joel. She Loves Happy Photography7 reed+joel.she loves happy photography IMG_6111 IMG_6128 IMG_6175 IMG_6195 reed+joel. She Loves Happy Photography4 IMG_6217 IMG_6275 IMG_6298 IMG_6332 IMG_6364 IMG_6435 reed+joel. She Loves Happy Photography5 IMG_6486 IMG_6525 IMG_6533 IMG_6554 reed+joel. She Loves Happy Photography6 IMG_6585 IMG_6639 IMG_6614 IMG_6609 IMG_6669

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