Brandon + Carla

Being married is great because you get to inherit your husband’s friends. Sometimes that isn’t a good thing but with Brandon and Carla, it is. They are the kind of people you can just immediately click with. I’m so grateful that James and I have an abundance of great friends in our life.
They wanted to do a shoot around their house before they moved so when we had a BBQ there, I assisted my sister-in-law, Renee, from Renascent Photography. It was a lot of fun, one, because the Brownsville area is gorgeous, and two, because Brandon and Carla totally could have been models in another life.

Brandon+Carla.She Loves Happy Photography1Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography12 Brandon+Carla.She Loves Happy Photography4IMG_3445Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography3IMG_3489-2Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography5IMG_3497IMG_3520IMG_3513IMG_3498Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography7IMG_3544IMG_3556Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography13IMG_3568IMG_3580IMG_3583IMG_3594Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography8Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography14IMG_3604IMG_3632IMG_3617IMG_3651Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography9IMG_3667Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography10IMG_3700IMG_3727Brandon+Carla. She Loves Happy Photography11IMG_3736IMG_3729IMG_3751


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