Man Crates

Since being with James, I have discovered the turmoil that is buying gifts for men. The only things I can ever think of that he wants are expensive (laptop, camera equipment, etc.) But there is a solution. Two words; Man Crates. Whether your guy is a gamer (like mine), athlete, beer lover (also like mine), or hunter (not mine). There is a crate for them.
But it’s not just the contents that are manly, the crate it comes in is literally a wooden crate and they supply a laser-etched crowbar for you to open it with. The only way it could get manlier than that is if it somehow exploded.

Man Crates contacted me and asked me to put together a collage of essential items I would put in my crate if I had one and why. Here’s what I consider to be extremely essential in my life:
Man Crates. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog


Check out Man Crates at their website or on their Facebook page (which is pretty hilarious)

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