Painting a Filing Cabinet

I’ve been on a roll with organizing the office lately and a big part of that was getting a file cabinet. We had so many papers that needed a home and a filing cabinet was just what I needed so off I went to Goodwill! I quickly found one for only $8.99. It’s the place to go, man.

painting a filing cabinet_She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogI picked up a can of metal primer (Rust-Oleum’s Clean Metal Primer) and sprayed on a couple coats after a light sanding.


IMG_2723We had a can of paint that we bought a long time ago for some dining room chairs but it was SO not the right color. I finally was able to break it out after 8 months and use it! Here’s the final result:

IMG_2737It’s not quite as neon in real life as it is in the picture, I promise. I’m very happy with how the office is coming along; more updates to come!


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