Uncommon Goods

When I am looking for different things for my home whether it be a vase, a print to hang on the wall, or even a kitchen mixer, I want something that is or seems special and one of a kind. The same goes for when I’m looking for gifts for other people. I’m not the most crafty person in the world (I can’t cut a straight line with scissors to save my life) so when I can find a gift that means just as much as a handmade one because of its detail and uniqueness, I am all over it.

When Uncommon Goods contacted me about doing a post with them, I got really excited because uniqueness is what their site is all about! They have everything! I’m serious, everything. From home decor, art, kids clothes and toys, jewelry, and gifts and accessories for men. I told you, everything.  Another thing that makes this site stand out, is that they also feature handmade, personalized, and recycled items.

I made a collection of a few of my favorite items I found while obsessing over their site to show you guys:


1. Kitchen Pop Chart | 2.Egg Rugg | 3. Glass Raindrop Mobile | 4. Diamond Sari Area Rug | 5. Busy Bee Wall Clock | 6. Be Brave Framed Art Block | 7. Honeycomb Decorative Accent Shelf |               8. Faux Bois Personalized Vase | 9. Blooming | 10. Go Where Love Grows

This will definitely be one of the first places I look from now on when I am in need of a gift for someone special or if I just want to treat myself to something fun for the home.

Visit the Uncommon Goods website for more fun gift and home ideas!

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