Photography Business Re-Launch

At the age of 18, my friend and I started our own photography business but over the past year or so that love for photography I once had was no longer present. I felt it wasn’t challenging me creatively; sure it was nice for the extra money but it wasn’t worth it to me and it wasn’t fair to my prospective clients who were paying me to be creative! On top of that, last year was quite a busy year with getting engaged and married within 4 months so having the time to do shoots and edit them on time was difficult.

When James got in an accident, we spent all of Christmas break at home with absolutely nothing to do, and this blog was born out of a desperate need for a creative outlet. The past three months of blogging have really sparked a new love for photography in me. It has pushed me to think outside the box and stay away from the generic poses and pictures and do something more unique. Because of this I have decided to re-launch my photography business with a new site, a new name, and a whole new energy. I am so excited about this fresh start!

Below are screenshots of my new and improved website, check that out HERE! Screen Shot4 Screen Shot2 Screen Shot4 Screen Shot1 Screen Shot3

If you are interested in doing a shoot, you can email me at or send me a message on Facebook!

7 thoughts on “Photography Business Re-Launch

  1. anonymous says:

    Your pictures look beautiful and I love the website. Can I make one suggestion? I would have the left column say Blog, About, Pricing and the right column say Love Life Contact. Something about pricing coming below Love and Life seemed a little off to me. Just a thought!!

  2. Carlene says:

    Congratulations!! I just started my own event/styling company at the beginning of this year. It’s tough yet incredibly rewarding. I hope that you fall back in love creatively. Good luck!!

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