Adventures In: Homemade Sushi

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From time to time I will do a post called Adventures In: (fill in the blank). Part of my reason for doing this blog is to try new things that I’ve never done before or am learning and share my experience with you. I’m sometimes intimidated by other blogs because most of the time they post things they are already good at or were 100% successes. Then if I try them and fail I feel like a doof. Therefore, my goal is to continually try new things and no matter how successful I am, share them on here.

Adventure #1- Homemade Sushi

James and I LOVE sushi. It plays a very important part in our relationship. First time we hung out together with a group- sushi. First date- sushi. Anniversay of our first date- sushi. And many many times in between. We’ve always said we wanted to learn how to make it at home so when we had extra money at Bed Bath and Beyond after our wedding, we spent a whole $10 on a rolling mat. Best decision ever!

All ingredients were found at our local Asian market and were surprisingly inexpensive.
1) Sushi rice   2)Nori (seaweed)   3)Wasabi paste    4)Imitation crab   5)Avacado   6)Sushi Salmon


We used a combination of the Best Ever Sushi book and Pioneer Woman’s recipe (love her!) and our rice turned out perfect! Oh and just so it’s clear, there are pictures of both James and I making the sushi. I swear I don’t have man hands.
This recipe makes 4 cups of rice (depending on your rice cooker). We have an Imusa rice cooker and it comes with a special cup you use to measure rice and water so it’s hard to give you an exact measurement here. Pioneer Woman says that you need to use a rice cooker because if cooked on a stovetop it won’t get the right consistency. Bottom line, after it was cooked we had 4 cups of rice which is enough for approximately 4 rolls. 

 Note: Not just any old rice will do, it must be labeled sushi rice.

1) Rinse the rice in a strainer until the water turns clear (or a for about 30 sec). If you don’t, it will be a sticky mess. After that, you are free to dump your rice in the cooker and let it do it’s thing!

IMG_23462) While your rice is cooking, you can make your rice seasoning.

2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt

homemadesushi23) Stir it up until the sugar and salt are dissolved


4) Once your rice is done cooking dump it into a large flat-bottomed mixing bowl. Pour your rice seasoning over the top and gently begin to fold to incorporate the seasoning.

5) Let rice stand for 10 minutes, then fold again. Put a towel over it to keep it warm.

6) Our fish of choice was salmon and this video is the one we used to learn how to cut it right. You want to cut it against the grain. It took us awhile to get the hang of it. We also cut 1 avocado into slices and that was plenty.

7) Now it’s time to make a roll! Get a sheet of Nori out and lay it on the roller so the edges closest to you are matching.( in the photos below I hadn’t done that yet so I fixed it right before I was ready to roll but its easier to line them up first)
8) Wet your hands!! This is very important because it helps the rice not stick to your hands. However if you have gloves I recommend using them. Next time that’s one thing we will do differently. It’s just way less messy.
homemadesushi49) Spread the rice evenly over the nori leaving about a  1/2 inch clear border along the farthest edge.

10) Take the wasabi paste and about an inch from the closest edge, lightly spread it horizontally across the rice. If you want your sinuses cleared and your brain to feel like its melting, ignore the “lightly” part.
IMG_240111) Now add your strips of avocado and salmon
homemadesushi5  12) Make sure your edges are lined up and carefully start to roll the mat away from you to wrap the nori around the filling. Use gentle, even pressure and lift the mat out of the way as you go. Gently press the edges of the roll and the body so everything stays stuck inside as you cut it.
homemadesushi613) Wet the knife!! This makes for a cleaner cut. Gently saw through the top of the nori, then try to cut the rest in one clean stroke. This is the best way to keep your filling from squishing out.

And voila! Homemade sushi! Looks just like the stuff you get in restaurants, right? Not quite, but it tasted just about as good. We dipped ours in soy sauce with wasabi mixed in. Next time I’ll experiment with different sauces.

We made a couple different types of rolls after this one:
Roll #2                             Roll #3 (my favorite)    Roll #4
– Sriracha sauce            -Siracha sauce                  -Sriracha sauce
-Wasabi paste               -Cream Cheese                -Avocado
-Cream cheese              -avocado                         -Imitation Crab
– avocado                      -Salmon

All of them turned out so good and we can’t wait to do this again with friends in the future!
Next we’ll need to learn how to make tempura (fried sushi). It’s amazing. Duh, it’s fried!

Click here for a printable version of this recipe.

What’s your favorite kind of sushi roll?

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